Neuner expecting Domracheva's successful return


Neuner expecting Domracheva's successful return

Two-time Olympic champion Magdalena Neuner said who will be able to compete with Laura Dahlmeier in the upcoming season. The distinguished German noted she would be interested in watching Belarusian Darya Domracheva, who returned to biathlon after childbirth.

Q: Laura Dahlmeier is under considerable pressure after a great season. Can this pressure become too great?

A: Pressure comes from outside. She will not allow this to happen, because she is psychologically strong and just continues to do her job. She is a mature athlete, who has extensive experience of performances at the World Cup and World Championships, she knows how to cope with pressure.

Q: In the face of Gabriela Koukalová, who misses the beginning of the season, Laura will lose one of the most dangerous rivals...

A: Injuries in the Olympic season are always particularly bitter. But such failures are part of sport, and this does not mean that Gabriela will not be able to give a good race at the Olympics. Biathlon sometimes surprises, and it's great.

Q: What foreign countries are the most formidable rivals for Germans?

A: It will be very curious to watch Darya Domracheva. She was good after returning last winter and will be even stronger after the summer training.

I think that Daria and her husband Ole Einar Bjørndalen are good at influencing each other, they push each other forward. They will be very well prepared.

I would also mark Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Dorothea Wierer.

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