Belarusian startup OneSoil gets $500,000 for revolution in agriculture

Belarusian startup OneSoil gets $500,000 for revolution in agriculture

The Belarusian agro-technical start-up OneSoil, which increases the productivity of agriculture and saves farmers money with the help of machine learning and computer vision, has received $500,000 of investment. The money will be used to develop an unprecedented solution for the market.

The leader of the seed round was the venture fund Haxus. The round also involved businessman Yury Melnicek, whose startup AIMatter this summer was bought by Google, and co-founder of EPAM Leonid Lozner.

According to Yuri Gurski, co-founder of the Haxus foundation, today agriculture is "$3 trillion ripe for innovation", taking into account the rapid growth of the world's population, changes in ecology and climate.

OneSoil is a smart system for monitoring the condition of crop areas, increasing crop yields and saving resources, which was developed in 2014 by programmer Vyacheslav Mazai and geographer Vsevolod Genin.

To collect the "harvest" of data from fields, the team uses satellite imagery and shooting with the help of a drone.

The investments will go to develop a new revolutionary solution, the details of which the founders do not yet disclose, but promise something unprecedented for the market in the near future.

Vyacheslav Mazai, co-founder and CEO of OneSoil, notes that the time needed to collect and analyze data is the main barrier for new players to enter this niche.

The startup spent three years collecting tens of millions of data points from fields and creating their own algorithms and models for data processing. They also have two patented data acquisition devices.

"In Belarus, the average farmer overpays about $ 400,000 for 10,000 hectares. The number could be much higher for Western Europe or North America. Using accurate farming, you can cut about 20% of the costs."

"Decisions based on data are the inevitable future of agriculture, which we are building right now," says Vsevolod Genin, co-founder of OneSoil.

During the agricultural season of 2016, the startupers processed 55,000 hectares of land and saved $250,000 for farms. Season 2017 is still ongoing for them, although field works in Belarus have almost all stopped.

The Haxus Venture Fund began operations in 2016. It invests in start-ups working in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality at an early stage of development. Belarusian IT entrepreneur Yuri Gurski is a co-founder of the Cyprus-based fund. The fund's portfolio includes Flo, Prisma, Aimatter (bought by Google), MSQRD (bought by Facebook), and MAPS.ME ( acquired by Mail.Ru Group).