Communists from USA celebrate October Revolution day in Minsk

Communists from USA celebrate October Revolution day in Minsk

Belarusian communists in Minsk laid flowers at the monument to Vladimir Lenin and drank "for the Great October and Communism." These people did not celebrate for long, but apparently at least some of them really believed in what they celebrated: equality, cooperation between workers all over the world and well-being of the entire humankind. These were the ideals of the October Revolution.

Communists-Leninists, whom the Ministry of Justice of Belarus had already refused registration more than five times, held a street rally dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, which occurred in Russia in 1917. Interestingly, it's Belarus, not Russia, that is the only country among the former Soviet republics to still celebrate the date officially, with a public holiday.

Traditionally, on November 7, flowers and wreaths are laid to the monument to Lenin in Minsk. The revolution that happened in 1917 actually occurred in October, but after changes in the calendar this date now lands on November.

There are several communist movements in Belarus, the so-called official Communists, the Communists who adhere to the "Left" views, and the National Bolsheviks. They hold events on the day of the October Revolution at different times, but on the same Independence Square (the corresponding metro station is still called Lenin Square, which is logical, since a huge Lenin monument still stands in front of the House of Government).

These different groups leave the square before the column of opponents appears.

On the day of the 100th anniversary of the revolution, there were two noticeable men with long beards on Independence Square, who took part in the events of all the three branches of Belarusian Communists. It turned out that these are two representatives of the Communist Party from the United States.

Daison Daniel Planck said that they arrived in Belarus ten years ago and opened an English language school here. He considers the October Revolution "the most important event in the history of mankind."

Talking about his impressions of Minsk on November 7, he said that he thought that there would be more people. "I wanted people to not consider this just a day off," said the communist from New York.