What do Belarus and the UAE have in common?


What do Belarus and the UAE have in common?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world; it has a unique mixture of ultra-modernism and ancient Arab culture. What is the secret of success of the country?

Today this country is the leader in high-tech technologies; every country has something to learn from the UAE. What is more, the country is a reliable partner as for building cooperation with. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visited the United Arab Emirates during the current week with a working visit. On November 5 Alexander Lukashenko and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan.

The Emirates became a platform for negotiations between the two countries. Since the year 2000, Belarus has been greeted by the UAE at the highest of levels. Such close communication of Alexander Lukashenko and the sheiks is a unique case. Regular visits of the Belarusian leader, personal communication with the authorities of the country have laid a foundation for economic relations. Trust is the most important thing in cooperation with the Eastern regions.

Valentin Miloshevsky, chairman of Belarus National Assembly’s working group on cooperation with the UAE parliament:
It is not that easy to open a business in the Emirates. It is not surprising that Alexander Lukashenko is communicating with businessmen there as well. Direct contact is always important and necessary. Without them communication between the states is not possible.

The United Arab Emirates is a rich country. In the 40 years, from the moment when oil was found there, the GDP of the country increased by more than 190 times. During Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the Emirates, he first held negotiations with the Attorney General of the country, and the Development Bank of Belarus and the Development Fund after Khalifa signed an agreement worth 25 million dollar for the development of the private initiative.

So, what do Belarus and the UAE have in common? Both Belarus and the UAE are young states. The Emirates have been a sovereign state for only 20 year longer than Belarus. Belarus was restored on the ruins of the former USSR and the Arabic skyscrapers emerged from desert sands.

In the first half of the 1970’s seven emirates united into one state. And their way to independence was not easy at all. During his visit to the UAE, Alexander Lukashenko laid a wreath to the Abu Dhabi Soldiers’ Memorial. The Economic model of this country has some similarities with the Belarusian economy: clear plans, five-year plan and a bet on modernization.

Sergei Kazima, head of international relations department of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
Usually, Arabic countries are not after profits, the rich countries are ready to invest to the countries with which they have good relations and where their money will be safe. The UAE is a peaceful state; it tries to keep up good relations with everyone. We do not create problems for anyone, we sponsor security.

One of the problems of the young state is the absence of a clear education system. Specialists are needed for new sectors.

Valery Golubsky, rector of the Republican Institute for Professional Education:
If to speak about professional education, Belarus has something to share with. In the programming sector. The UAE is orientating at the development of the restorative medicine today. Belarusian medicine has great achievements in transplanting; we have a lot of sectors to cooperate in.

The UAE is a unique platform for holding dialogues. This is where the most important economic and political issues are solved. During Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the Emirates, Ukraine President Poroshenko visited the country as well. Ukraine I among the top ten Belarusian exporters and Belarus and Ukraine are eager to reach a commodity circulation of 8 billion dollars, as in 2016.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We have a very good opportunity and experience. I think for you it is not a problem to expand our cooperation through direct cooperation between regions. We in Gomel are preparing to hold, as we agreed, the first forum of the regions of Ukraine and Belarus. I think that they will give us new impetus for development between the two countries, and it will be useful for us to know what our people really need.

The sandy desert dictates its rule in food security. A large percentage of the UAE products is exported. Annually, the country is supplied with products worth nearly 80 billion dollars. It is quite difficult to get to the Arabic market: the competition is too high. However, Belarusian agrarians are not putting their hands down. Even the sheiks tried the wonderful taste of Belarusian dairy products.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
Belarusian products are known over there, they know Belarusian soil fertilizers, food products, cars, equipment and so on. Out potential is huge there. The first thing Belarus can suggest to the UAE and what is being discussed is the establishment of MTZ, MAZ, BelAZ assembling plants there. Gomselmash and Amkodor are going there. These are the prospects Belarus is offering.

Another point of cooperation is direct investments. In the six months of 2017, the bank sector of Belarus received more than 11.5 million dollars. The commodity circulation is increasing as well. Nearly 300% plus. The export has vividly increased too.

Oil processing, machine engineering, sport, science, healthcare and medicine, tourism- the two countries have many mutual interests. The first steps are important here. After the first step are taken, Arabic businessmen will certainly see the advantage of working on the Belarusian market- political stability, infrastructure, and the desire and possibility to contribute to the business dialogue at the highest of levels.