Vitaly Gurkov comments on winning Kunlun Fight in China


Vitaly Gurkov comments on winning Kunlun Fight in China

Vitaly Hurkou, who became the world champion in Muay Thai eleven times and won the European championship six times, won a kickboxing tournament in China on November 5, 2017.

The tournament was organized by a Chinese promotion Kunlun Fight, which is becoming more and more popular with every day.

“It wasn’t an ordinary tournament, I had three fights in just one evening”, says Vitaly.

“Being honest, it is quite difficult to stand up on your feet after the first fight; there is nothing to protect my body from getting injuries”.

Muay Thai is considered to be a dangerous kind of sport. It is quite often when the sportsmen find it hard to fight after the first or the second round. 

“I was surprised to see a rival from the reserve in the final”, explains Vitaly. “I was fighting against a person who had only one round, he seemed to be lively. I thought to myself that it was easier for him to fight”.

Being in a good physical conditions means achieving more and showing better results in the port you do. This is what Vitaly Hurkou has to say about his physical condition now.

“At the moment my physical condition is perfect, despite the fact that one week before the tournament I had a cold and a temperature 37.5. I couldn’t take any antibiotics, because it would do only harm to me and would make me weaker”.

The Belarusian fighter won three victories in one evening: over the Thai, Chinese and Iranian athletes in the weight category of up to 75 kilograms.

“Certainly, victory cannot be compared with anything.

Every sportsman has to make his own way from trainings to victories. Only then you will understand what it is to win, I never like talking about plans, after tournaments I usually have a rest and spend time with family and friends”.