MapBox looking for staff for new office in Belarus' Minsk

MapBox looking for staff for new office in Belarus' Minsk

An American location data platform for mobile and web applications MapBox , which received investments worth $164 million not so long ago, is opening an R&D office in Minsk on the platform of MapData. Belarusian specialists will be developing program software for self-driving cars.

At the moment MapBox office in Minsk has three members in the team: the cofounder Viktor Govako, routing algorithm developer Denis Koronchik and Alexander Matveenko. Yury Melnichek is the leader in forming the team.

“If many young people come to us, I think, that we will be able to offer them all something interesting”, explains Yury Melnichek.

“We need a star team, we do not want ordinary workers, and we want every employee to contribute into his own direction and for him to carry responsibility for it”.

MapBox office in Minsk is not going to offer shares, because MapBox is a well-known company and not a start-up.

“The main motivation of the employees must be in the challenges they face. Besides developers, we are also looking for people, who will be able to build culture in the team and the company”, says Alexander Matveenko.

What prospects MapBox offers to employees?

Undoubtedly, the employees of MapBox in Minsk will have to work very hard; they will have to read many scientific articles participate in conferences abroad. Therefore, a separate budget is planned for travelling. In this way the employees of MapBox will always have a chance to develop and learn new things in the IT sector.

What is the future of the IT sector in Belarus?

The Decree on Belarus High-Tech Park hasn’t been adopted yet, however, it has already played its role in the decision to set up the office in Minsk. MapBox is pretty sure in Minsk as in a perfect place for opening their office. The founder of MapBox Eric Gundersen is constantly following the IT market of Belarus, its progress and developments in the sector.

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“Besides the IT development of Belarus, Eric Gundersen also follows the political and law issues of the country. He believes that Belarus is a perfect place for many to come.

Americans like the High Tech Park very much, And the thing that has attracted them is the system of tax benefits, which are not rendered to everyone, but to those who bring money into the country. They were surprised to find out that Belarus renders benefits for business, therefore, MapBox decided to develop in Belarus”, explained Alexander Matveenko.

Prominent start-up or large stable IT company?

Many IT specialists at least once in a lifetime face this problem. The conditions may be very favorable, but what should a developer choose in the end? To build a career in one company or to take the risk and go for a new start-up?

“There were many cases when people took the risk and went to work for start-ups, they then developed their skills and knowledge and could then hold higher positions. Certainly, within time many professions will disappear. Hopefully, people will work physically less in the future”, says director of MapBox office in Minsk.