Animation movie "Marc Chagall. Beginning"

Animation movie "Marc Chagall. Beginning"

At the heart of the Belarusian cartoon "Marc Chagall. Beginning", directed by Elena Petkevich, are memories of Marc Chagall about childhood, about Vitebsk, in which he spent many years, and about parents whom he loved very much.

The movie was awarded a diploma at the XXVI International Film Forum Golden Knight, which was held in Sevastopol from May 22 to May 31, 2017.

The 13-minute film reflects the main events that happened to Marc and his family before leaving for St. Petersburg.

It reveals the sources of the artist's creative and poetic nature, his sensual soul. The cartoon is made in bright and even childish colors.

Elena Petkevich believes that she was very lucky to work with artistic director Alla Matyushevskaya. Chagall is her favorite artist. Therefore, it was easy to work together and both masters' understanding of the images did not differ.

Elena Petkevich: "Everything in this cartoon is made like a dream. Marc's voice is heard in the background (voiced by another artist, of course). I was very afraid, but this is a very correct decision - the intonations that he conveys in his autobiography are very well intertwined in the fabric of this film."

The picture is very complex technically. After all, its basis is handwork, which is called real art. During the 13 minutes, we learn extensively about the childhood and youthful periods of Marc Chagall's life.

There are a lot of sounds of Vitebsk, Marc's native city, in the film. Steps along the pavement, chirping of cicadas, crackling of fire...

"It would be impossible to accommodate a huge biography of the master in a short film. We built the cartoon on the Vitebsk period of the artist's life, on his childhood, his family. Chagall said that his works did not affect his family, but they actually served as a big inspiration for Marc. We wanted to show that," Elena Petkevich adds.

 Artists tried to get into the style of Marc Chagall, to pass his color scheme so that characters, interior items, the basics for the backgrounds of the cartoon conveyed the atmosphere of his works.

All the main characters of the cartoon were voiced by the famous Russian film director Dmitry Astrakhan. Astrakhan reads the author's text, voicing the characters as if by the voice of Chagall himself.

The basis of all these scripts is the book "My Biography", in which Marc Chagall vividly describes family and friends.

The cartoon, by the way, does not contain a single original work by Chagall. The creators specifically focused on artistic fiction and only inherited some of his motives.

"The film is full of symbols and for the first time it may even be difficult to perceive them all. This is not a cartoon for children, not an entertaining material. This is a full-fledged animation movie. Especially impressive is the key final scene, when Marc Chagall soars over Vitebsk, playing the violin, as if protecting the city," says Antonina Karpilova, Candidate of Arts, Head of the Screen Arts Department of the Kondrat Krapiva Institute of Art History, Ethnography and Folklore.

"Although the characters may not even look like real people, this is the author's cinema, the creators have the right to fantasy."

Work on the project took 9 months.