Jysk opening shop in Brest

Jysk opening shop in Brest

A shop for everyday life and rest “Jysk” will be opened in Brest on December 7, 2017. It will be the first ever shop of the Danish retail chain in the regions of Belarus, which will create 24 working places. The investments of “Jysk” in Brest are about one million dollars.

Dace Zundure, Jysk representative at the Baltic and Belarusian markets, director of patronizing company “Do it”:
The first shop in the regional center will be like litmus paper for the determination of the future plans in the regions. We see a great potential and planning to open shops in every regional center and then open shops in towns with a population over 100 thousand people. Currently, there are 34 Jysk shops in the Baltic states and Belarus. In the nearest five years the company is planning to have up to 70 shops. Jysk is planning to open up to 25 shops in Belarus.

Besides being interesting as a platform for retailing chains, Belarus attracts Jysk as a supplier of quality goods. Already several Belarusian companies cooperate with Jysk, among which are Brest manufacturers: matrass manufacturer “Vegas”, furniture company “Involux” and “Brest’s carpets”. And according to the survey of Jysk’s marketing department, some 87% of the Baltic states’ residents, who bought goods from Belarus in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, were satisfied with their quality. Therefore, Jysk is planning to expand the list of Belarusian companies which will be representing their goods at the company’s shops in Belarus and the Baltic states.

At the moment there are 2.5 thousand Jysk shops open in the world where 21 thousand people work. For the realization of the plan in Belarus and the Baltic states, Jysk is planning to invest 40 million dollars.

Dace Zundure:
In the next five years we are planning to grow. Our company’s chain will increase up to 70 shops in the Baltic states and in Belarus. It is likely that the growth will be happening by means of the Belarusian market, where we are planning to open up to 25 shops. The chain will also be expanded in the Baltic states, where the main attention will be paid to the regions and big towns and cities.

Photo: mybrest.by