Belarus improves positions in Global Gender Gap rating

Belarus improves positions in Global Gender Gap rating

The World Economic Forum has published the 11th Global Gender Gap 2017 report. This year’s results are very positive for Belarus. As a result of the report, Belarus has stepped four positions up and was rated on the 26th place out of 144 countries, when in 2016 Belarus held the 30th position and the 34th in 2015. The country has been improving its rating every year.

What is more, the specialists have highly estimated the data of the economic block (the employment of women and men, the number of workers of both sexes, the number of women holding the positions of top-managers and so on). If to analyze Belarus’s neighboring countries, only Latvia is ahead (20th position). However, the other countries are behind (Russia rated 71st).

A representative of the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) Katerina Bornukova has expressed her opinion on the results of the report published this year.

“As for the gender aspects, Belarus is in a better position than its neighboring countries. Thanks to the post-Soviet legacy Belarusian women are involved in the country’s labor market. However, the rating doesn’t consider the differences in salaries men and women get. In reality, the difference can be felt. If to consider the report’s gender aspect in politics, Belarus is way behind, and that is despite the fact that quite many women work in the Belarusian parliament (out of 110 delegates, 38 are women). The social cultural aspects are not touched upon in the index as well. Besides official work, Belarusian women have plenty to do after they come home. What is more, Belarusian women are more often victims of home violence than in other countries”.

According to the information provided by the specialists of the World Economic Forum, Belarus has overcome the gender gap inequality by 74.4%.What concerns the political sector, Belarus also managed to get down from the 80th position to the 73rd. All in all, all the figures in the report analyzed were either preserved or improved by Belarus. Certainly, this contributed to the improvement of Belarus’s position in the rating.

It is necessary to say that the majority of big countries are not an example when it comes to talking about gender equality and in many of them the situation is getting worse. For instance, according to the 2017 report of the World Economic Forum, the USA dropped down from the 45th position to the 49th, India- from 79th to 90th, China from 99th to 100th. However, Canada demonstrated a fascinating improvement and took the 16th position in the rating, when in 2016 it held the 35th position. The top three leaders stayed the same as in 2016, Iceland holds the leading position, Norway holds the second place in the rating and Finland came third.