Belarusian programmers develop food ingredients’ scanning app

Belarusian programmers develop food ingredients’ scanning app

App developers of Minsk studio “hyper owl” have created a mobile application which helps people to find out the ingredients of the goods they buy in shops.

The mobile app is pretty easy to use. It scans the bar code of a product and shows the user the ingredients the product is made from. What is more, the app has a special function thanks to which some “unfriendly” ingredients are determined. Andrei Kozel, the author of the idea, has his own opinion on the issue.

“Actually, there are no special rules according to which the ingredients of the products are determined. We had to go through a lot of information on what the manufacturers can go for”.

The newly-developed app gives detailed information on every “unfriendly” ingredient and calculates the maximum recommended portion for both men and women. The developers of the mobile app had to consult food specialists in order to make the information accurate. Andrei Beloveshkin, a prominent doctor, was among those specialists who provided information on the healthiness of the food ingredients.

The developers took the project in very seriously. The decision on how “friendly” this or that ingredient was based on the daily norm of stabilizer’s consumption, the allowance of additives in children’s food, the allowance of BIO/ECO products according to international standards. By the way, the developers of the app considered why the manufacturers use substitutes in their products, whether they make them cheaper or allow to compensate the shortage of ingredients. However, Aleksei Kozel says that even though that a product doesn’t have a maximum rate, it does not mean that it is not safe.

“If a product is stacked on the shop shelves, it means that it is safe and it can’t cause severe health problems” Nevertheless, all of us want to understand why the ingredients of a certain product differ.”

What is more, the app offers a very useful function. By using the app, anyone can find information on discounts on certain goods. At the moment the app has information on about 50 thousand products sold in Belarus. Belarusian app developers are not going to stop just there! They are planning to expand and update the data base. Anyone can download it from Google Play or the AppStore.