Alpine Holding GmbH to complete former Belarus' Kempinsky hotel

Alpine Holding GmbH to complete former Belarus' Kempinsky hotel

The Kempinski complex, bought by Sberbank of Russia, will be completed by the Russian branch of the Austrian company Alpine Holding GmbH. According to the passport of the facility, now the St. Petersburg company SPICH is responsible for the project documentation, and the Austrian "Alpine Holding GmbH" became the contractor, Belarusian media report.

Works on the site in Minsk will be performed by the Moscow office of ALPINE. Hiring other organizations for subcontracting is not planned.

The functional purpose of the object will remain the same - "Multifunctional complex with a hotel."

ALPINE is engaged in the integrated construction of industrial enterprises, as well as all residential and public buildings. The company has built such large facilities as the Allianz Arena in Munich and the Baku Crystal Hall. The sports arena for 66,000 spectators was erected in 30 months.

The complex near the Belarusian State Circus in the center of Minsk needs to be completed in 38 months. 

This elite complex called Kempinski was started by the company Elite Estate, which was a subsidiary of the group of companies "Triple" owned by Belarusian businessman Yuri Chizh

The facility was planned to be commissioned by May 1, 2014, before the start of the 2014 IIHF WM. But the construction slowed down, and in 2016 it stopped altogether due to the financial problems of the customer, along with the detention of the Triple owner Yuri Chizh. As a result, in 2017 the hotel moved to the Russian Sberbank with a discount of 47% for $50 million.