Belarus, Britain want to sign double taxation agreement

Belarus, Britain want to sign double taxation agreement

Brexit will not negatively affect the UK's commitment to trade relations with Belarus, UK Ambassador Fionna Gibb said, according to

Speaking at the Kastryčnicky Ekanamičny Forum (KEF), the ambassador said: “We will remain an investment source and an investment destination. For us, Brexit brings new opportunities to build new and stronger trade relations around the world, including with Belarus.”

She said Britain was now free to expand its international presence, saying the UK will increasingly support Belarus to “dismantle barriers” to establish stronger trade relations.

She continued: “It is necessary to change the attitude of investors and the private sector to Belarus. It needs to be done for them to wake up one day and decide that today they are going to Belarus.”

Britain is one of the main trade and investment partners to Belarus, with annual trade turnover totalling to $498.2 million (£380.2 million) in the first five months of 2016 alone.

Minister of State for Europe Sir Alan Duncan visited Belarus in early October 2017 to table talks about the future relationship with Belarus. 

He noted: "I had a very constructive meeting with the Belarus President, which covered a lot of areas including human rights and trade and the importance of defence and security.

"I've been with foreign minister Vladimir Makei to go over in detail a lot of issues between us which included the signing of a double taxation agreement which is very good for British and Belarusian business."