Samsung Pay available in Belarus from November 2017


Samsung Pay available in Belarus from November 2017

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service using Samsung mobile devices. It is accepted for payment wherever it is possible to make a purchase on an ordinary bank card using a contactless technology or a magnetic strip.

Before, it was possible to pay with Samsung's gadgets in Belarus only if you used Russian cards. Now Belarusian banks will be connected to the system. 

It is planned that at the time of launch Samsung Pay will work with MasterCard cards of three Belarusian banks. In the future, the number of banks will be increased and Visa cards added.

The new technology will work in Belarus with a number of smartphones of the Galaxy family, as well as with the Gear clock. One smartphone can store up to 10 different payment cards.

Samsung Pay uses two technologies - NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission). The first one allows reading data from a transmitter a few centimeters away, but it does not work in all terminals. 

The second - MST - allows you to pay in any terminals that work with the magnetic strip of a plastic card, which is 100% of all terminals in Belarus and 90% worldwide.

Samsung will not charge a fee for such payments. There is no registration fee or monthly payments for the service either.