Belarus to allow unmanned vehicles, welcomes Uber-like companies

Belarus to allow unmanned vehicles, welcomes Uber-like companies

Information about the forthcoming changes in the legislation on Belarus' Hi-Tech Park (HTP) attracted close attention of international business from the start.

In May 2017, CEO Gett - the closest competitor to Uber - met with the leadership of Belarus' HTP, after which they announced the opening of a development center for the Israeli company in Minsk.

A bit later, the top manager of Uber visited the HTP too. The company is already present in Belarus as a service provider.

Among the matters discussed was also joint work to create a center of scientific and technical developments in Belarus, including in the field of unmanned vehicles.

Decree on HTP 2.0 creates the necessary basis for the creation in Belarus of such a center.

Moreover, it became known that Belarus is preparing an act that would allow the movement of unmanned vehicles of the third class along the country's roads.

The idea of ​​developing unmanned vehicles in Belarus was proposed by Belarusian technology entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya. The country's authorities are quite positive about the idea.

"We expressed the idea of ​​creating conditions for the use of unmanned vehicles in Belarus, and [Belarus President] Alexander Lukashenko not only supported this idea, but also expressed his readiness to personally drive such a car when there is an opportunity," Prokopenya said.

According to the businessman, Belarus can become one of the first countries in the world to support the development of unmanned vehicles.

"To date, the movement of unmanned vehicles is not regulated by legislative acts in most countries. The existence of such legislation will allow world companies to come to Belarus and actually launch them on Belarusian roads. So that people can see modern technologies in action," the businessman explained.