Belarus lose to Koln 2:5 in Europa League: What players say


Belarus lose to Koln 2:5 in Europa League: What players say

"The very same feeling when you score more in one match than in 10 league games," the Germans said about the 5:2 victory over BATE in the Europa League.  Timo Horn, Simon Zoller, Matthias Lehmann and Leonardo Bittencourt share their emotions.

"Europe, we're still here!"wrote in Instagram Miloš Jojić, who showed "5:2" with fingers along with Sehrou Guirassy.

"Indescribable. Thank you for the tremendous support," Guirassy told fans.

"The dream comes true! Yes!!!"added Simon Zoller.

The site launched a poll after the match: "Is Peter Stöger the right coach for FC Köln? 64% of respondents answered "yes".

Goalkeeper Timo Horn

Five goals became compensation for what we could not achieve in recent weeks. This period was difficult for us and the fans. The second half with four goals scored was very cool. But we still conceded twice. For me, it's incomprehensible why we stop after 1:0, why we quit playing football. After all, the minimum advantage is shaky, a victory can slip away at any moment. We should try to win against Hoffenheim as well to go on the international break with two wins. This would give a little confidence. But we still need to work much," quotes Horn as saying.

Striker Simon Zoller

After a good start, we relaxed a little. But still knew we could turn the game over. We proved this last year quite often. In the end, the opponent was hit and we did a great job.

Midfielder Matthias Lehmann

The second goal of BATE is incredible, a kick from a meter height, the guy (Nikolai Signevich) did it really well. Of course, that goal suited the current situation very well. You shudder and ask yourself: "Maybe I am just in a bad movie?" But the coach found the right words in the break and in the second half we really came out furious. Therefore, you saw four goals during half a game. This is an amazing feeling.

Midfielder Leonardo Bittencourt

As you saw, we led 1:0, we completely controlled the game and did not give anything to opponent, but then we quit playing football. Borisov's second goal was great, but we could not allow it to break us. I think we received the necessary positive impulse in the second half. Feelings after every goal scored are extremely important at this stage. Ahead we are still have a very difficult game in the Bundeliga. I take off my hat to the fans: they are still standing for us... Few would be capable of it.