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Belarus 39th in world cybersecurity index, Singapore leading

Belarus has taken 39th place in the world on the index of cybersecurity. The report "Global Cybersecurity Index" (GIC) is published on the website of the International Telecommunication Union. In total, it reviews 193 countries.

The rating is headed by Singapore, followed by the USA and Malaysia. The most cyber-protected European country is Estonia (5). 

Belarus proved to be more cyber-safe than Ukraine (58), Moldova (72) and Kazakhstan (82), but lost to Georgia (8) and Russia (10).

In today's digital world, cybercrime is a key threat to economic growth. The issues of information security and Internet infrastructure management are regularly discussed in the United Nations, at G20 summits and at the meetings of the ministers of telecommunications and information technologies of the BRICS countries.

Improving the culture of citizens' behavior on the Internet and spreading comprehensible universal rules of Internet hygiene should help fighting cybercrime.

Singapore tops world cybersecurity index