Catholic church: 1917 October Revolution is existential catastrophe

Catholic church: 1917 October Revolution is existential catastrophe

The Catholic Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz called the 1917 October Revolution an existential catastrophe. On November 1, at the evening mass, he mentioned the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik coup that took place in Russia, but brought innumerable suffering to the Belarusian people.

Kondrusiewicz noted that November 7, when (according to the new style) the revolution took place, still remains a day off in Belarus, like it was in the Soviet Union. 

However, November 1 and 2, when Catholics celebrate All Saints' Day and the Day of Remembrance of the Dead, remains just an ordinary day. The Metropolitan urged believers to strive to make November 1 and 2 days off.

It should be noted that November 7 celebrations in Belarus have been quiet in recent years, only the Communist Party holding ceremonial events.

Kondrusiewicz called on the congregation to pray for those who were forgotten, who did not have time to have children, who died in Kurapaty, Trostenets camp, and in Soviet and Nazi concentration camps. 

On October 31, the hierarch visited Kurapaty and prayed in a place where the Bolsheviks shot and buried the repressed citizens of Belarus.