Belarus head coach not fired despite disastrous WC 2018 qualifying campaign


Belarus head coach not fired despite disastrous WC 2018 qualifying campaign

The Belarusian Football Federation has said manager Igor Kriushenko will continue to lead the national team of Belarus.

Head of the ABFF Sergei Rumas met with Igor Kriushenko and they agreed they would continue cooperation.

Rumas commented to the media about extending of Kriushenko's contract.

"Today we met with Igor Kriushenko. We agreed that he would continue to coach Belarus team. We agreed that the contract will be for about a year, or a bit longer. Until the end of the League of Nations.

If Belarus takes first place in our group of four teams, the contract is automatically extended for the next qualifying campaign.

The task today is clear and simple - to take first place among the four teams in our group," Rumas said to ABFF-TV.

Kriushenko said he got used to working under pressure but expressed hope Belarus would improve to impress its fans. He added there were a couple of good games during the WC 2018 qualification.

Belarus had one of the worst qualifying campaigns in its history during the 2018 WC qualification. It lost once and drew on the other occasion against underdogs Luxembourg. The only positive result was a win against Bulgaria at home (2:1) and a 0:0 draw against France at the start.

"I already have in mind some players I will rely on, but I am still open to consider any options and I will pick some new players during the upcoming friendlies to see what they are worth," Kriushenko added.

This year, the Belarusian senior football team will play two friendlies. In November it takes on Armenia and Georgia.Video: Belarusian Football Federation