Köln v BATE. Seven curious pre-match facts


Köln v BATE. Seven curious pre-match facts

FC BATE will take on FC Köln on November 2 in the Europa League. The match is all important for both sides. The managers have already given press-conferences outlining plans for the game at RheinEnergieStadion.

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Here are curious facts about Köln and the upcoming match in general.

1. Bad-tempered mascot

Köln's mascot goat Henness VIII has extremely bad temper, he is cocky and often strives to run away. Interestingly, his predecessor, Henness VII, now deceased, was meek and loved people.

2. Mascot's origin

Now few people remember that but Henness I was presented to FC Köln in honor of the carnival and the second birthday of the club by a famous circus in 1950.

3. VIP-goat

Despite all the regulations, UEFA allowed Köln to bring the goat from his residence in the city zoo to the Europa League matches. He is first in the list of VIP guests! The goat has 32,000 subscribers on Facebook, and has a webcam in his house, thanks to which you can watch Henness VIII around the clock. Watch live: https://www.facebook.com/HennesVIII

4. Potentially dangerous match

The match will be a sell-out. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be fantastic. Interestingly, the match is declared by UEFA as "potentially dangerous" (as the reverse fixture back on October 19 in Borisov). A security officer was sent by the UEFA.

5. No police escort for BATE

BATE are staying at Park Inn Radisson. It is located about 10 minutes from the arena, but the Belarusian champions will not be escorted by the police. "We do not escort anyone," the police explained yesterday. "You can drive with flashing lights and red light only in cases of extreme necessity, according to the laws of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Football does not fall under these criteria."

6. Stunning attendance

The average attendance of Köln matches is a stunning 49,425 (the capacity is slightly lower during international matches).

7. Respect for guests

About 220 Belarus fans travelled to Germany to cheer for the Borisov club. However, Germans, unlike UEFA, do not expect any problems from Belarusians. Köln made a detailed guide to the stadium for fans The Yellow-Blues. It is in the Belarusian language! Respect to Germans for respecting their guests' national language!

Photo: Bundesliga.com