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Belarus needs dialogue with IMF, but not for money?

Belarus is in dialogue with the International Monetary Fund, but not in order to get a new loan, said first vice-premier Vasily Matyushevsky on the sidelines of the Kastryčnicky Ekanamičny Forum (October Economic Forum).

"Money for us today is not the most important thing," the official said. "Belarus does not need emergency financing from the IMF, we have a balanced situation. Dialogue with the International Monetary Fund is needed so that they confirm that Belarus is moving in the right direction. This is very important for investors."

Earlier Belarus' first deputy finance minister Maxim Yermolovich announced that in the medium term Belarus will spend $3.5 billion a year on public debt payments. Gold and exchange currency reserves of Belarus today exceed this figure by about half.

Next week, an IMF expert mission, which has been working in Belarus since October 26, is to publish its report. Vasily Matyushevsky expects positive news from it.

First vice-premier of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky