Museum of smells and aromas opens in Belarus’ Grodno

Museum of smells and aromas opens in Belarus’ Grodno

The only museum of smells and aromas opened in Belarus’ Grodno on November 1, 2017. Everything is dedicated to smells in the museum. Aromas of different spices are presented there.

The unusual museum “Aromas of magic herbs and plants” was founded n the basis of the Grodno State Regional ecological and biological center for children and youth. More than 70 kinds of herbs and plants are exhibited in the museum, medical and aromatic. They all grow on the territory of Belarus. The director of the center Svetlana Greibo says that the exposition was collected during the whole summer season of 2017.

“Both teachers and students of the center collected the grasses together”.

What is more, the center plans to renew its exposition every season and fill it with new plants and herbs. They will begin to collect the new exhibition from spring 2018. It is also interesting to know that aroma candles are planned to be made there as well.

“The museum was created so that children learn the smells and could determine the plants and herbs by just looking at them. One of our tasks is to teach how to collect such plants and how to use medical herbs”, says Svetlana Greibo.

She also added that not only participants of the center will be visiting the museum, but students of schools will as well. At the moment about 900 children attend the center.