Merited coach Tseitin on current situation with Belarusian gymnastics


Merited coach Tseitin on current situation with Belarusian gymnastics

Mikhail Tseitin, senior lecturer of gymnastics at the Belarusian State University of Physical Education, has given an interview to the program “Sports Week” on Stolichnoe Televidenie channel.

You are a gymnast yourself, a good one. What in your opinion is the reason of the not good condition of Belarusian gymnastics today?

Mikhail Tseitin, honored acrobatics coach of the USSR, acrobatics sport master of the USSR, senior gymnastics lecturer:
Some 80% of Belarusian sportsmen work abroad. It is known that gymnastics is a very difficult kind of sport. For instance, running distances in athletics, even in swimming, skiing-it is primarily talent: you get on your skis and there are the results. Nevertheless, you need to work a lot in gymnastics.

If to speak about gymnastics, have you noticed that Belarus is renowned for precise kinds of sports? Everything began from our university’s department in 1954, when the Union’s Committee established the only acrobatics department. Therefore, many people from the entire Union came to study to Belarus. Why Belarus? Because we had good results. What is more, indications were given to develop academic programs on precise kinds of sport for children’s sport schools. They still exist in the whole world today.