Stadler trains to be launched in Minsk metro in 2018

Stadler trains to be launched in Minsk metro in 2018

CJSC “Stadler Minsk” is developing new carriages for Minsk metro, the first supply of carriages is planned in 2018.

“Stadler Minsk” is to supply Minsk metro with 10 trains before 2020: six four-carriage trains and four five-carriage trains. The first four-carriage train will be supplied in 2018, and it will also be tested. The trains are specially being developed for Minsk underground. All the technical, constructive, and design peculiarities are being discussed at the moment.

The four-carriage train will be 74.8 meters long with 168 seats; the five-carriage train will be 97.7 meters long with 212 seats. The width of the carriages is 2.65 meters, and the height is 3.69 meters.

Significantly, the new trains will have special sound-absorbing materials, which will low down the level of sound not only in the train-driver’s cabin, but in the passenger carriages as well. What is more, the constructors are promising to create wide and convenient passages between the carriages. Hopefully, they will not forget about the ventilation and air conditioners. The head carriages will be equipped with seats for people with disabilities with equipment to fix wheelchairs and with emergency exits. Minsk metropolitan has informed that the new trains are meant for the third metro line, however, they will be tested on the first to metro lines.