Poets Of The Fall: Belarus offered us very warm welcome

Poets Of The Fall: Belarus offered us very warm welcome

Finnish rockers Poets Of The Fall will perform on November 2 at the club Re:Public. They will come to Minsk for the fourth time.

Poets Of The Fall is one of the most famous bands from Finland, which is well-known outside that country. They became famous in the middle of the 2000's having produced a number of hits that all Europe heard thanks to music videos and video games. The band has many awards in Finland and abroad, including the MTV Europe Music Awards.

"We were very touched by the warm welcome Belarusian fans offered us, starting from the very first concert in Minsk. It was simply delightful and very strong - to feel the energy of the hall. Everyone had goosebumps! And it is so in Minsk every time," vocalist Marko Saaresto said before the concert.

"Naturally, our fans are the best. Usually they give us many flowers - mostly roses. And also sweets. We generally like sweets, but we try to keep track of what we eat. They also give drawings depicting band members, scarves for the winter, T-shirts, books, music and even jewelry," Marko remarks.

In Minsk, the band will present an updated program, which will include the best songs from all the albums.

This will be one of the final concerts of the tour in support of the Clearview album (2016), after which the band goes on vacation.