Belarus listed into CIES Football Observatory’s rating


Belarus listed into CIES Football Observatory’s rating

The CIES Football Observatory website presents information and analysis on football players and clubs. The atlas is divided into six sections: age, height, stability, expatriates, club-trained players, and turnover.

The authors of the project analyze top-leagues and the aegis of the UEFA and have chosen 31 countries to compare. Belarus got into the list of the countries and here are some facts about Belarusian footballers and clubs today.


The average age of footballers in Belarus today is 27.02 years. The nomination board is headed by Turkey, where the average age of football players is 28.63 years. The youngest footballers play for Croatia, where the average age is 24.60 years. The “oldest club” of Belarus is “Isloch” (29.82, then goes “Gorodeya” (28.2) and “Shakhter”(28.05). The youngest clubs are “Minsk” (25.48) and “Slavia” (25.50). “Slavia” also got into the world’s top list of the “youngest” football teams (the 32nd place).


Belarus holds the 21st position in the world’s rating (average height-181.9 cm). The tallest sportsmen play for Croatia (183.7 cm) and the football players of Bulgaria have the smallest average height (180.3 cm). The club leader of Belarus is Shakhter (184 cm), the players of “Vitebsk” and “Isloch” have the smallest average heights (179.8cm and 179.6 cm).


The average amount of seasons a footballer played in a team. This is something that many do not like the Premier League for. In average, a footballer who comes to play for a Belarusian club stays in the club for no longer than 1.46 seasons (22nd place in the rating). Footballers from Cyprus are the most inconstant (1.20), Serbians (1.20) and Romanians (1.14) are not far behind. Players from Austria (2.60), England (2.41) and Norway (2.40) can boast of being more constant. The most constant footballers in Belarus play for "BATE" (2.85). It Is the only Belarusian club, which was included into the European club top-50 rating of stability, which was made in September. Brest “Dinamo” has the lowest rating of 0.67.


The number of expatriates has decreased in Belarus lately. Belarus occupies the 26th position in the rating (expatriates received 29.3% of playing minutes in the current season). Croatia (29.2%), Austria (24.1%), the Czech Republic (23.9%), Ukraine (18.4%) and Serbia(15.1%) are less attractive for foreign footballers. Nevertheless, the percentage of trust to expatriates in Croatia is too high-79.9%. As for Belarusian clubs, “Dnepr” is in the lead (48.9 %), followed by Brest “Dinamo” (37.1%). "BATE" trusted foreigners least of all- 17.3%.

Club-trained footballers

Among the Belarusian football clubs, “Minsk” involves the majority of its club-trained players (39.6%). It is the 44th position of the European club rating of teams, trusting to club-trained players. However, the top-50 rating was renewed in October; “Dnepr” took the 27th position. “Gorodeya” and Sluts“are the worst in this case –0.0%. “Krumkachy” (0.9%) and “Torpedo-BelAZ” (3.7%) are not far behind.


A turnover is the amount of minutes meant for the 11 most involved players of a club of the current season. This is the only nomination where the Belarusian leadership is positive. Players of the Premier League spent 67.8% of playing minutes in the field; the other playing minutes were given to the reserves. The lowest turnover is in England (81.3%) and the Netherlands (81.6%). As for the Belarusian football clubs, “Vitebsk” has the lowest turnover of 78.6%. “Gomel” experimented with turnovers most of all (54.8%).