Unique dry pool to open in Minsk

Unique dry pool to open in Minsk

Small dry pools with balls in trading centers are children’s entertainment, adults are not allowed there. The situation was solved in Moscow not so long ago and a big dry pool was built for adults, so that they can also have fun and relive the stress. Minsk decided to follow the idea and in a couple of days’ time such place for entertainment will be opened at 11 Masherova Street.

The dry pool Fundive is located on the ground floor of one of the buildings of Horizont plant. The place is easy to find. Anton, the author of the project, is planning to develop a network of Fundive.

“It is the first dry pool for adults in Belarus, which is orientated at teenagers and adults. I had a dream from childhood to create something like this. After getting married, I shared my dream with my wife and she convinced me that this dream must be brought to life. At first I did not take it in seriously, but then I began do act. The money I saved was enough to make my dream come true. We made the idea cooler and better than in Moscow. We were lucky to find a place in the center to rent in Minsk”.

The room is not big where the pool is. There are closets and a cabin to get changed. The pool itself is 40 square meters. Its depth is 1.15 meters. The pool is filled with 130 thousand polypropylene balls. They are soft and heavy weight resistant. The life cycle is eight years and they will be cleaned with a special machine. As many as 10 people can be in the pool at once. Anton recommends to come with friends, so that you do not feel lonely.

“What can you do in the pool? You can dig yourself in, dive, jump. You get a feeling of featheriness”.

The entertainment is not of the cheapest, 40 minutes cost BYN12. Students get discounts, birthday girls and boys can visit the pool for free.

Photo: onliner.by