Belarus to debut at Miss Earth 2017 in Manila

Belarus to debut at Miss Earth 2017 in Manila

The Philippines will be hosting the final show of the international beauty contest “Miss Earth 2017” on November 4, 2017. The beauty contest “Miss World” was founded not so long ago, in 2001. However, it is among the top four beauty contests of the world today.

The peculiarity of the competition is that its idea is directed at attracting attention to the world’s environmental problems. All the contestants are to present their own projects on improving the ecological situation of certain regions and the Earth as a whole. The winner of “Miss Earth 2017” will get an opportunity to represent the United Nations concerning the development of the United Nations Environment Program a title of “Miss Earth”. Girls winning the next three places receive special titles “Miss Air”, “Miss Water” and “Miss Fire”.

Belarus will be presented at the competition for the first time by Polli Cannabis from Minsk. Polli is a professional model; she worked abroad and participated in Colombo Fashion Week. Several times her photographs appeared on the front page of L’officiel.

Participating in beauty contest for Polli is not something new. In 2015 she won the title of Miss Top Fashion Model at the international beauty contest “Miss Seven Continents”. What is more, Polli holds The most prolific in social media award and at "The queen of brilliancy" she was presented The best Catwalk award.

The probability of Polli Cannabis winning at “Miss Earth 2017” in Manila on November 4 is accepted with a bet of 6.0. The favorite of the contest is the representative of Venezuela Ninoska Vásquez, the bet for her victory is 2.55. This information was announced by the League of Bets.