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Passenger's cat lost at National Airport Minsk, search continues

A cat belonging to passengers flying to Geneva has escaped from a customs officer during flight control. The staff is searching for the animal for the second day at the National Airport. 

The pet's owners asked to help find a pet. Please watch the video showing the moment cat Martik escaped.

The incident occurred on October 29 at the National Airport Minsk. Passengers from St. Petersburg carrying four cats were about to fly to Geneva. 

When the passengers handed over their luggage and were registering for the flight, one of the animals broke out, scratched people, and fled.

The cat's owner and his other pets timely passed the necessary customs procedures and flew to Geneva together with the remaining animals, who safely passed veterinary control.

Don't you think that airport staff were too harsh on the cat?

Cat escapes from customs officer at National Airport Minsk, search continues