10 charged after soldier's death in Belarusian army

10 charged after soldier's death in Belarusian army

Last week, the chairman of the Belarus Investigation Committee, Ivan Noskevich, reported that no injuries were found on the body of the soldier who was killed in the Pechi military unit, except for the furrow from the loop. Today, new details of the case have appeared.

Charges were brought against 10 servicemen. The 11th is a suspect.

"Currently, the investigation has charged ten servicemen. These are eight sergeants, a praporschik and an officer. Another officer has a suspect status, he has been subjected to a procedural coercion measure - an obligation to appear. We are working to establish the involvement of other persons in the crime," said the official representative of the Investigation Committee Yulia Goncharova.

Last week, Ivan Noskevich said that the traces on the body of Alexander Korzhych, which relatives and friends took as marks of beatings, turned out to be so-called postmortem lividities.

Noskevich also reported that 13 criminal cases were instituted in connection with the death of soldier Korzhych: these are hazing, negligence, and fraud.

The body of 21-year-old serviceman Alexander Korzhych was found in the basement of the building of a medical unit at 17:00 on October 3, 2017. According to the investigation, the soldier was hanging in a loop from a trouser belt, attached with a free end to metal armature under the basement ceiling, his feet tied up with a shoe lace and a T-shirt on his head.