Stunning Village collection at Belarus Fashion Week 2017

Stunning Village collection at Belarus Fashion Week 2017

The Belarusian brand Historia Naturalis presented the collection Spring-Summer 2018 called Vioska (Village) at Belarus Fashion Week 2017. This is probably the best thing we've seen lately.

Minskers Polina Kartavitskaya and Larisa Stepanova grouped into a creative duo Historia Naturalis in 2009. The brand concept is built on naturalness.

The designers not only use 100% natural materials, but also try to rethink the old ideas.

The new Vioska collection is based on these very conceptual pillars.



Polina and Larisa dropped the idea of ​​traditional Belarusian folklore with obligatory cornflowers, which village in Belarus is associated with.

Instead, they rose to the level of completely new interpretations, patterns and colors.

Many Belarusians will recognize these flowers from bedspreads, these goats, and the mailbox. It turned out really great!