Guide to Listapad 2017 movies. What to watch

Guide to Listapad 2017 movies. What to watch

The program of the XXIV Minsk International Film Festival Listapad has been announced. The festival starts on November 3 and continues through November 10. We have selected the best movies you should not miss (all times are Belarus time).

This year's innovation is season tickets for competitive and out-of-competition shows. The cinema Tsentralnyi (Central) offers a single ticket for all 11 sessions of the main competition of feature films at a price of BYN 49.50.

The cinema Pioneer will host evening screenings of non-contest movies that already won titles at festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. All in all 14 movies. You can also buy a single ticket to them. The documentary program at the Mir cinema also offers one.

The cost of one ticket for a festival show will not exceed BYN 5 (about $2.5).

Private cinema Falcon Club Cinema Boutique will also screen some Listapad movies,  including for spectators who don't sleep late at night. For example, the Israeli-German hit, a juicy picture The Cakemaker. The Iranian horror film Zar (Evil Spirit) also deserves attention.

A picture by a Belarusian will feature in the contest program "Youth on the march" for the first time. This is Yulia Shatun's film Next Day (November 9, 14.30 Tsentralnyi cinema).

The festival has formed its own circle of favorite authors and one of them is Boris Khlebnikov. His Arrhythmia will be the opening film (November 3, 19.00, Moskva Cinema). 

Another famous director is Sergei Loznitsa, with the new film A Gentle Creature (November 7, 21.30, Tsentralnyi Cinema).

Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza Candelaria. Cuba (November 9, 21.30, Tsentralnyi). One of the most humane pictures of the contest. The history of an elderly Cuban couple unfolds in the background of the 90's. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba stopped receiving financial assistance from Moscow and the country was experiencing a severe economic recession. The life of the elderly at this time depreciated utterly. But love saves everything in this life. You will leave the cinema with tears of happiness.

Valeska Grisebach's Western is another notable picture (November 7, 19.00, Tsentralnyi Cinema).     

Rainer Sarnet. November. Estonia (November 6, 20.50, Tsentralnyi). This film is where aesthetics prevail over feelings. The picture is so fantastically beautiful and inventive in its style that you cannot tear yourself away from the screen. 

Children's program Listapadzik (Small Listapad) breaks the stereotype that the movies in this section are exclusively childish and not for adults. 

Suffice it to note that Iran nominates this year's film Breath (November 6, 17.00, Pioneer Cinema) to Oscar. Adults will receive no less pleasure from the children's program too.

Tickets for all festival pictures have already gone on sale. The full schedule is available on the site and