Strengthening gluteal muscles: Exercises you need to know

Strengthening gluteal muscles: Exercises you need to know

Summer is over. In principle we did not have it to be honest. If you for some reason did not acquire form for it, you can still do it by the summer of 2018.

Absolute champion of Belarus in fitness bikini, finalist of the Moscow Cup Liliya Salimgareyeva, will show you a couple of exercises.

Today we will learn how to train gluteal muscles.

Exercise 1. Plie with a sumo bar

Take a narrow grip, take off the bar.

Put your legs wide, toes pointing to different sides and knees also looking in different directions when you squat.

At the same time your bottom goes back. We crouch, stretch and go up.

The knees are always in a half-bent state. The angle between the knee and the heel should be 90 degrees. Also watch your back, it should be even.

Exercise 2. Lunges with dumbbells

This will strengthen the inner and outer hip.

We take dumbbells, legs are even, take a step back and sit evenly.

Do not move the knee forward, the angle should still be the same 90 degrees. After change we work on the second leg without rest. The back is flat.

4 sets of 15 lunges per leg.

Exercise 3. Thigh Adductor

The next exercise is performed using a thigh adductor. Everything is very simple: you sit down, take a horizontal position, the back is flat. Set yourself a weight that you can lift and begin work. Press inward smoothly and then go outwards slowly.

Do not relax muscles during the exercise in the outermost position, because the muscles need to feel constant tension.