Meet Belarusian hairdresser who won medal at WorldSkills 2017

Meet Belarusian hairdresser who won medal at WorldSkills 2017

Belarusian hairdressers won the only medal for Belarus at the WorldSkills championship in the United Arab Emirates. This is already becoming a trend. They repeated the success achieved a year earlier.

The girl's name Nadezhda Kashtelyan. The only Belarusian medalist WorldSkills 2017 grew into a world-class master at the Brest College of Service. Nadezhda is from the town of Zhabinka.

In her childhood, she did not even think about the profession of a hairdresser. But then she got its taste and could not escape.

 медалистка WorldSkills Надежда Каштелян о международном чемпионате

Nadezhda Kashtelyan, winner of WorldSkills 2017:
When I came here, I did not know that there were competitions related to the profession. I learned about them already here. I've been competing for 1.5 years already.

She says she did not believe she would win in Abu Dhabi.

Her talent and the number of points in all the nine tasks at the hairdressers competition were enough for the authoritative title "Excellence".

The Brest region native became the best among all 29 Belarusians at WorldSkills. But for Nadezhda's mentor - Marina Buldyk - this is the second such success. Her student was among the prize winners in Rio two years ago.

Marina Buldyk, hairdressing teacher:
Of course, it's very pleasant - Belarus is seen as competitors. They try to stop us immediately!

Nadezhda is not going to rest on laurels.

Nadezhda Kashtelyan:
I want to continue to develop in my field, in my profession. I'm burning with desire. I like it. I love learning something new. When something does not work, and then it starts working, it's the best accolade.