Solemn opening of ice skating season held in Minsk October 28


Solemn opening of ice skating season held in Minsk October 28

The seasonal ice skating rink has opened near the Sports Palace in Minsk.

Minsk residents have come here with their families. After the opening ceremony they went to the ice skating rink straight away. Among the people were professionals as well.

Melania is a professional figure skater. She dedicated all her life to this kind of sport.

Melania Rusetskaya, professional figure skater:
I have been doing figure skating for 10 years now and I can say that I enjoy it very much, because sport is life for me.

The mobile ice skating rink has been gathering Minsk residents and the guests of the capital for 10 years no. The guests say that the prices here are quite reasonable her and the rink is never empty.

It is difficult to image that two young people prepare an ideal smooth surface for the guests of the rink. It is nothing else than synthetic ice. About half a ton of hot water was needed to make the surface. The drivers of the “smart equipment” are actually “boiling” the ice.

Representatives of all generations have gathered on the ice skating rink. It is rather fashionable to stay fit today.

Yana, Alyosha and Vanya, pupils of junior school:
We invite everyone to visit the ice skating rink; we enjoy it here very much. It is very cool here.

For many years this place has been gathering people, and skating is the most favorite seasonal entertainment. It Will be possible to combine pleasant with useful till spring minimum skates can be hired here or you can come with your own skates and have fun till late evening.