Premier Kobyakov gives interview to Forbes

Premier Kobyakov gives interview to Forbes

Belarus is taking active positions at the world media market. Belarus’ Premier Andrei Kobyakov gave an interview to the magazine Forbes, where he spoke about the ways Belarus dealt with two crises (the world crisis of 2008 and the economic recession in Russia in 2014-2016).

“Our main task was to keep up the GDP level. What is more, we did not go for mass discharge of employees because of the low demand on Belarusian products. It all involved state investments in order to keep up the sector. The Belarusian government had also undertaken measures to stimulate export and liberalize business. At the same time foreign investors were attracted to Belarus without losing the stability of the financial sector”.

Andrei Kobyakov also spoke about the stable growth of the Belarusian economy, innovations, and support rendered to small and medium plants.

The main part of the interview was dedicated to the prospects of the IT sector in Belarus.

“The starting point of IT development in Belarus was in 2005, when the High Tech Park was opened. Belarus has great potential due to the fine traditions of getting higher education in the engineering science and math spheres. Tax benefits contributed into the creation of an IT cluster consisting of more than 180 companies. As a result the IT service export increased by 30 times since 2005”.