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Belarus President's son gets two white lion cubs as a gift

Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan presented rare animals to the son of the Belarus President in 2016, reports. The lion's name is Nick, and the lioness is called Nika.

Soon after receiving the animals the Lukashenko family moved the lions to the zoo. Adult kings of beasts "communicate well with visitors," the zoo says.

In nature, white lions are practically not preserved, they live almost only in zoos. This is not a separate subspecies, these are albino animals who get their color because of gene mutation.

Businessman Gagik Tsarukyan is known as co-founder of the Armenian Standard company exporting Armenian cognacs and brandy to Belarus.

Gagik Tsarukyan and Alexander Lukashenko are connected by long-standing friendship. At the events of the Armenian billionaire in Yerevan, the Belarusian President and his son Nikolai enjoyed a warm welcome.

Interestingly, there are no white lions in Yerevan Zoo. On the Internet, these animals are listed as the most expensive. The cost of a newborn white lion is about $140,000.

Businessman gifts two white lion cubs to Belarus President's son