Hurts' Theo Hutchcraft about Minsk and Belarus

Hurts' Theo Hutchcraft about Minsk and Belarus

On November 12, the stylish British band Hurts will present their new Desire program in Minsk. Soloist Theo Hutchcraft told Belarusian media about dating fans and the capital of Belarus Minsk.

On dating fans

“Oh, no, no. Of course, no, this never happened. I cannot even imagine such a thing. Of course, we are very fond of our audience, our fans, but dating... No, it's out of the question.

We get just a lot of cool letters and gifts. Many of them are simply amazing. It's great. For us it's really important, because thanks to all these things we get an opportunity to keep in touch with our fans, learn more about them.”

The most unusual gift

One our fan called the star in our honor. Can you imagine that? A real star in the heavens was named after Hurts, and we received a document that confirms this. This is a very unusual and wonderful gift! I'm terribly ashamed but I don't remember the name of that person. We were crazy about this gift.

If a Belarusian fan succeeds in surprising us like this, I promise that I will remember the name of this person even if they wake me up late at night.

On Hurts' Instagram page

Unfortunately, I have very little free time for Instagram, I just do not have time to post anything there. But we really read what people write, their comments, as well as letters from fans. We are trying our best to devote time to this.

About Minsk and Belarus

I walk around my city, I adore it and use transport, I love the metro. Sometimes this, of course, is not easy. I once walked around Minsk, and I really liked the beautiful city, but I had very little time. I hope that this time I will be luckier and will have time to see everything. I would very much like to ride Minsk subway metro, seriously. If there is such an opportunity, we will do it.

Minsk is incomparable, very beautiful city. And people are simply adorable.

Concert date: November 12.

Where: Palace of Sports, 20.00 Belarus time.

Price: from 40 to 100 BYN, dance floor 70 BYN.