Chinese kids to come to Belarus for recuperation in 2018

Chinese kids to come to Belarus for recuperation in 2018

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the head of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping on the successful completion of the XIX Congress of the Communist Party and re-election as Secretary General of that organization.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:

Your ideas on "socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era" are received with great interest in Belarus.

I am sure that your development model based on "being true to the original idea and striving forward" will find its application in other countries.

Also, the head of Belarus wished Xi Jinping success in leading the world's largest party.

In honor of the completion of the historic XIX Congress of the CPC, Belarus offers Chinese a special gift: in 2018, Chinese children will be able to come to Belarusian sanatoriums for health improvement.

Belarus regularly offers children from other countries opportunities for recuperation. This summer, a group of Syrian kids came to Belarus to improve health. A tumor was found in one of girls and she was successfully operated on.

Belarusian kids, especially from Chernobyl-affected zones, also travel to various European countries on recuperation tours.