Minsk choosing brand and mascot ahead of 2019 European Games


Minsk choosing brand and mascot ahead of 2019 European Games

A fire relay will be held in Belarus on the eve of the 2nd European Games, which are due in 2019. Now the organizers are working on the original concept to make this race as bright and spectacular as possible. In the summer of 2019, there will be tens of thousands of tourists watching the competitions in Minsk. Now several options for visa-free entry of guests to Belarus are being discussed.

Look at this car - it resembles a true art object. The car belonging to the Directorate of the 2019 European Games became the first prototype of Minsk's brand.

Sergei Shebeko, driver of the Fund "Directiorate of the II European Games 2019":
People come and ask about it. During the movement, I see many paying attention. They look from buses, from personal cars.

Minsk authorities plan to thematically paint buses, electric buses and even subway cars.

Tatiana Revizore, CTV:
The first construction with the official motto of the European Games appeared along the most sporting highway of Minsk - Pobeditelei Avenue. What we see here is still a pilot version. Organizers promise that more colors will be added to the design.

Mass advertisement of the European Games will be installed in November. Such billboards can already be found near the Minsk ring road. In full, the Belarus capital will change its appearance by the next summer.  

The passenger transport fleet will be renewed prior to the Games, while the city itself will become more tourist-friendly. 

The development of special mobile applications is already under way. 

In November 2019, the official website of the European Games will open. The page will be available in several languages.

Anatoly Kotov, Deputy Director of the Fund "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019":
The main idea of ​​holding the II European Games is not only to organize and conduct the largest sporting event in the history of Belarus at a high level, but also to make sure that the country continues to use the infrastructure after the Games.This is the best transport, the best urban infrastructure, new hotels and the best service sector.

Meanwhile, Belarusians continue to participate in the open competition to create the European Games mascot. The Ministry of Information has received several hundred sketches. There are no obvious favorites yet. Among the works are Midsummer lights, animals, a tractor and even a mythical creature called bulbosaur (the mix of the words 'bulba' (in Belarusian: potato) and dinosaur). 

Professional jury will give their assessment and pick the best works. The organizers of the contest are in close contact with the Belarusian Academy of Arts.

Alexander Karlyukevich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
We do not doubt we will still receive some more works in the coming weeks. After November 15, there will be two more weeks to determine which idea is the most productive. And, probably, professional artists will start working on this idea.

The national theme will be present in the European Games medals too. As many as 189 sets of medals will be contested in Minsk. The competition of the top level is comparable to the Winter Olympics in its scale. About 10,000 participants will come to Minsk: from athletes to journalists. At least 30,000 foreign fans are expected to come.