Belarus to create single database of citizens' appeals

Belarus to create single database of citizens' appeals

Belarus will create a unified database of citizens' appeals. This will allow tracking the history of each complaint or proposal in detail and assess the reaction of officials in the field.

This was stated by the head of the Presidential Administration. Natalia Kochanova on October 25 talked with residents of Minsk at the Administration of Pervomaisky district.

The reception was attended by several dozen people. Most of the issues related to the housing and communal sector, in particular, capital repairs. The head of the administration informed journalists that work with citizens' appeals will be improved.

Единая база обращений граждан будет создана в Беларуси

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
The Presidential Administration will take control of the information that takes place in newspapers, on television, on websites, when people express their dissatisfaction with some or other of the problems that arise. I will not say that we have not done this before, but now this will be done more systematically, other systems will be connected that will accumulate these problems and questions so that we can make quick decisions and forward these appeals to consideration where it is necessary to consider them.

The day before, Alexander Lukashenko met with the Presidential Administration and noted a number of problematic moments in the work with citizens' appeals.