Mascot of European Games 2019 to be chosen in November


Mascot of European Games 2019 to be chosen in November

Billboards with the slogan of the Second European Games appeared in Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk. It is planned to add even more colors into the design, and the mass advertising of the event will begin in November.

The work on branding Minsk is held in unison with the official slogan of the Games “Bright Year, Bright You”.

It is also planned to decorate buses, electro buses and even metro carriages in the prospect.

Anatoly Kotov, deputy director of the “Directorate of the Second European Games 2019” fund:
We are beginning this work according to the plan, and with every day Minsk will become brighter. I think that by summer of the next year it will be clear that the city and the country are beginning to live in the Games. It will be seen in the external design in the first place.

Meanwhile, Belarusians are continuing to participate in the open competition in creating a talisman of the European Games-2019. A few hundred ideas were sent to the Information Ministry. High class professionals will be estimating the projects. Organizers of the competition are closely cooperating with the Arts Academy.

Alexander Karlyukevich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
Several hundred works-talismans of the Second European Games have been collected today. The authors of them are mainly youth, pupils, students of art schools. We have no doubts that there will be more ides. After November 15 there will be two weeks to determine the most productive idea. And probably from this week professional artists will begin their work.

The Second European Games must become the largest sports event in the entire history of Belarus. The Games on 15 kinds of sport will be held from 21 till 30 June, 2019. About 10 thousand participants will come to Minsk- athletes, judges, journalists. No less than 30 thousand foreign fans are expected to come.