Brest region begins trial extraction of amber

Brest region begins trial extraction of amber

The Brest region has begun trial extraction of amber. To reach the industrial scale, scientists must prove that the deposit will be profitable. Then it depends on investors, whether they are ready to invest money in extraction and, possibly, processing of ember, since Belarus does not have its own enterprises.

The deposit is located close to the borders of Ukraine and Poland. One of the 22 points on the map is about three football fields in size. About 345 kilograms of amber may be hidden here.

The trial works are already underway and everything that is larger than 4mm gets to the table for review. 4mm is the minimum commodity size of amber.

Belarusian amber surprises with a rich palette of colors - from yellow and red to white, brown and even green.

All in all, there are 22 deposits on the map, and according to estimates, they hide about 2.5 tons of amber. Another challenge is not to damage nature.

Andrei Kovkhuto, Deputy General Director of the enterprise Belzarubezhtorg:
Amber is a new raw material for Belarus, which confirms that our bowels are rich in minerals.

Belarusian amber could be compared to that from the Baltic.

Elena Grabovskaya, leading researcher of the Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore:
Samples of our amber were brought to Kaliningrad. They were processed. When presented with samples of Belarusian and Baltic amber experts could not tell the difference between them.