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Modernzied mmechanical plant in Staryye Dorogi to make products for Geely

Products of a joint Belarusian-Ukrainian enterprise in Staryye Dorogi went to the customer - BelAZ, who is also a co-owner of this enterprise.

The subsidiary production line supplies brake pads for the Zhodino-based BelAZ.

Previously, they were bought in Russia and foreign currency was to be spent on it. Now logistics is different and the money is not the same. 100% of demand in Staryye Dorogi is now met. To do this, the local mechanical plant was to be modernized and an investor attracted from Ukraine. He supplies a mixture for the production of pads.

Alexander Pasyukevich, enterprise director:
Today the distance to BelAZ is 170 kilometers, payment in Belarusian rubles. Accordingly, quality control is better. Also, we are ready today to almost completely provide the Minsk subway with pads.

The nearest prospect is MTZ, disks, which we are ready to produce today. And these are pads for Geely.

The enterprise then plans to process polymers but equipment for this is required from abroad.

Modernzied mmechanical plant in Staryye Dorogi to make Geely parts