Number of intrafamily crimes increasing in Belarus

Number of intrafamily crimes increasing in Belarus

The problem of intrafamily violence was discussed during the talk show "What Is Going On?"

Host: Do you have approximate understanding of the relevance of the problem of violence against the elderly? And their impotence in a situation where they cannot oppose?

Romania Skomoroshko, member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, chairwoman of the Grodno regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society:
Yes, unfortunately, the problem is urgent. And statistics speak about it.

While the total number of serious crimes, for example, murders, is decreasing throughout the country, intra-family crimes are on the rise, unfortunately.

And there is even statistics suggesting that there is some increase in crimes when children kill parents or close relatives.

Of course, alcohol plays an important role here.

And we need to say about both women and the elderly: don't be afraid. We, Slavs, have such a mentality that does not allow mothers or fathers slander their child, nephew or a close relative. Therefore, people need to believe. Social workers, employees of administration and public health services come into families with the elderly. Of course, they need to talk about that: "My family is not all right. They don't beat me, but treat me badly. I'm wrongly cared about, maybe my children pay little attention to me." This is also very important when these words are said by the elderly persons themselves.

Can an older person call somewhere? Some hotline?

Romance Skomoroshko:
Certainly. Such phone calls are available to everyone.