Belarus Presidential Administration to reform work with citizens' appeals


Belarus Presidential Administration to reform work with citizens' appeals

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on October 24 met with the Presidential Administration and demanded to put in order work with citizens' appeals and increase the executive and labor discipline of civil servants.

This time the Secretary of State of the Security Council and the head of the President’s Property Management Directorate were invited to the meeting. Work with citizens' appeals is the most important practice to ensure protection of constitutional rights and legitimate interests of Belarusians.

As the press secretary of the head of state reported to journalists on October 24, all the issues Alexander Lukashenko outlined opening the meeting were discussed in the most concrete and detailed manner.

The leadership of the Presidential Administration voiced proposals for building a new system of work with citizens' appeals. The main demand of the President in this matter is to listen and hear people, see the trends and react to them promptly.

Also, the head of state was informed of the first results of checking the labor and performance discipline in the state apparatus (this work will be continued). The conversation also touched personnel policy and the work of the media. In addition, presidential aides reported on the implementation of strategic projects.