Miss Wheelchair World gives interview to CTV channel

Miss Wheelchair World gives interview to CTV channel

Alexandra Chichikova is a 23-year-old Minsk resident who made a name of herself and Belarus, she is the winner of “Miss Wheelchair World”. Alexandra gave an interview to the CTV channel in one of her favorite places in Minsk-the Bolshoi Theatre.


Alexandra Chichikova, winner of “Miss Wheelchair World”:
Thank you!

You are a beauty queen, did you get used it? Do they call you a beauty queen?

Alexandra Chichikova:
I suppose that this competition was not about outer beauty but about inner beauty of a person, his firmness, activeness, and life position. Therefore I cannot say that I am a beauty queen. Al the girls there, they are all queens, all of them deserved to win. We all were united with one aim and idea. And we often said that together we are power. Because when many people gather, who are united with one mutual idea, it is easier to say to the whole world what you want to say.

You were representing Belarus at such a high competition, the President congratulated you. How did the competition change you? Did you become a different person?

Alexandra Chichikova:
I have become more confident, I have become stronger-stronger in what I can do. If I was chosen the winner, it means that I can carry this title with pride and responsibility. It is a wonderful feeling when the President pays attention to the social life of people. You understand that it was not just an ordinary competition, which passed and everyone will forget about in a couple of days. It was set at the level of state importance, I was very pleased.

It is not only a beauty contest. It is a possibility to break many stereotypes. Are you capable of fighting with these stereotypes?

Alexandra Chichikova:
Yes, many girls, when they get injuries or when they have a disability, they have barriers-barriers in their heads and consciousness-that they are not pretty, that they don’t have beautiful legs, that they can’t wear heels, that no man will look at them. The aim of this competition is to show these girls that everything is possible, That they can be beautiful, independent and they can realize themselves. I know many girls who never wore skirts, heels. And when speaking to me, they saw me wearing skirts and heels. A lot depends on the wish. Or do you want not to do anything but feel sorry for yourself? Or do you want to gain control over yourself and move forward?

The famous president of Ecuador is also in a wheelchair. It did not interfere in him being president. Nicholas Vujicic, for instance, travelled around the world.

Now you have many more chances to be heard. What are your intentions?

Alexandra Chichikova:
First of all I would like to make a way through to the media. It can be done through magazines. For instance, when being at the hairdressers’, you flip through a magazine, look at pictures, you see girls, men, who are on their feet and advertising clothes. Why not take photos of girls in wheelchairs or near them, or of people who have body peculiarities? Why not, if this person can look the same and advertise clothes?

Your play “House No. 5”. What is it about?

Alexandra Chichikova:
It is about something that hurts, that is unpleasant. I like the line of one of the participants of the play- “I just want to be”. I do not want to inspire anyone or be a hero for anyone. I don’t want people to say how strong I am. I just want to be. I just want to be in the street without anyone looking at me.

There are many people who simply enjoy their life, without being called heroes.

In what is heroism? In what is my heroism? If I continue living, whether I am in a wheelchair or not? What is the heroism of any person who has body or mental peculiarities? Why is he special if he works and lives like everyone else? It is life.