United Nations Day celebrated in Belarus

United Nations Day celebrated in Belarus

Belarus aims to develop cooperation with the United Nations. Exactly 72 years ago, the UN Charter came into force and this day was recognized as United Nations Day. On October 24, Minsk joined the discussion devoted to the global problems.

Belarus has been able to cooperate with many international communities through the United Nations. Including through such support has Belarus achieved almost all the millennium goals. They include reduction in child mortality, combating different diseases, as well as the expansion of global cooperation.

Sanaka Samarasinha, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus:
Belarus ranks 52nd among 180 countries in terms of human development. Also, we see high gender indicators. I want to especially mention the achievements of Belarus in terms of the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Your country showed the greatest example which is now used by other countries. The UN plans to continue its collaboration with governments, the private sectorin order for Belarus to achieve the goals of sustainable development for the period up to 2030.

Another important date in the history of bilateral relations was celebrated. 25 years ago, an agreement was signed between the Belarusian government and the UN Development Program. Thus, Belarus became the first country in the former Soviet Union to have opened the office of this international organization on its territory. Now Belarus is associated with many important UN programs. This includes fight against trafficking in human beings and promotion the interests of middle-income states as well as protection of the family and family values.

Andrei Dapkiunas, Deputy Minister of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
These 25 years were not in vain. The country has accumulated considerable experience, implemented major initiatives. I think that the main result of these years, the new phase of cooperation between Belarus and the United Nations is the fact that we now have a new and better understanding of what we can get in the organization, not only in terms of assistance, but in terms of experience and wisdom. And we now know how Belarus can be useful to the world.

A round table session was held on October 24. Attending the event were diplomats of the UN member states. There are opinions that today the UN needs to be reformed. In Minsk, the diplomats raised questions of the future of the United Nations and the search for optimal cooperation options within its framework.