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Belarusian space congress opens in Minsk October 24

Reusable satellites, universal flying equipment and exploration of distant space. The space sector sets new tasks before itself. The seventh Belarusian space congress opened in Minsk on October 24, 2017. Innovative developments are being discussed here.

Part of the developments is presented at the exposition, which is held within the forum. Participants of the congress determine the directions for further research. Prospective materials for space equipment, problem of the safety and the surviavnce of the equipment, means and methods of data processing are in the program.

Aleksei Kubrin, Deputy State Secretary of the Union State of Belarus and Russia:
The restoration of technologies, which allow multiplying flights into space, is being actively discussed. As you remember, there used to be an American shuttle at a certain time, the Soviet Union had “Buran”. Then these works were stopped. Now the possibility of creating reusable space equipment is being actively discussed, both at private and state levels. There is also a wide range of issues: new technologies in the sector of materials, new technologies in the sector of creating propulsion systems.

The congress gathered about 200 participants. Not only Belarusian but Russian specialists are participating. By the way, special attention will be paid to the realization of the Union State’s programs.

Belarusian space congress opens in Minsk October 24