How Belarusians went to international judoka master class in Japan


How Belarusians went to international judoka master class in Japan

Head coach of the Belarusian national judo team Leonid Svirid and wrestler Yegor Voropayev have given an interview to the program "Sports Week".

You have traveled this year to the landmark international gathering in Japan - to the homeland of judo. How much did it help the team (this is a question for Leonid Svirid)? Did you feel the spirit of this judo and what are your impressions of competing in Japan?

Yegor Voropayev:
Of course, I liked the gathering in Japan, it was fruitful. There were a lot of athletes, there were a lot of fights with Asian athletes. It is much easier to fight against Europeans than against Asians. Europeans try to conquer the opponent thanks to physical strength, while the Japanese act more tactically.

Leonid Svirid:
We wanted to go to that gathering and finally we arrived there. That was of the greatest benefit. Every day brought new friendly fights. It was unlike Europe where 1,000 or 1,200 people can be present. There is a certain number of people who are allowed to gather. The training camp was fruitful because about 20 teams participated: from Azerbaijan, Georgia, China, Brazil, Japan... There were all the leading countries.

Participating in this camp were eight active Olympic champions of the last Olympics. Nowhere will you see anything like that.

In Japan, schools operate by district, and each day we were brought 20 new sparring partners. Every day, sparring partners, and we were able to compete with different judo schools.

Each school has its own skills and methods. It was quite an interesting gathering. Of course, we were tired since the workload was high.