Coach Leonid Svirid about the future of Belarusian judo


Coach Leonid Svirid about the future of Belarusian judo

Head coach of the Belarusian national judo team Leonid Svirid and wrestler Yegor Voropayev have given an interview to the program "Sports Week".

You are the head coach of the national team of Belarus.

Leonid Svirid:
Since December 31, 2015. It will soon be 2 years.

Do you see the increase in the results of our team compared to the previous years? How can you evaluate your work?

Leonid Svirid:
Slowly everything is improving. Our former youth begins to compete on an equal footing against the best sportsmen of the world. Judo is growing, not quickly, but there is progress.

There is progress even in the fact that Marina Slutskaya won this year's European Championships. She always stopped one step behind: 5th place, 5th place again... She could not cross the medal barrier. Now she overstepped it, and fought very successfully. There was a small accident: she was injured at the Minsk tournament, at the European Cup and was not able to participate in the World Championship. Of course, it's a pity. She was the number one of the world rating. Recovery is normal, progress is on. I think that soon she will be able to fight.

What about the future of judo? There are young ambitious guys who wish high results. It is very good. I would like to have more athletes who really want that.

I think they prepare well in the coming three years, if there are no injuries.

 Хочу олимпийское золото, буду трудиться и стараться
Yegor Voropayev

Egor, for you, the Olympics is a dream, a goal, a peak maybe. What are you willing to do to get there and win?

Yegor Voropayev: 
Of course, this is the most important competition for me. I want Olympic gold. I will work hard for that.

It’s been long since Belarus won an Olympic gold in judo. Your coach Leonid Svirid also tried that but it did not work out…

Leonid Svirid: 
Of course, I wanted gold back then as well. I could win it twice but it did not work out.